Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl spaces create the perfect environment for trapping moisture. Moisture leads to the accumulation of condensation, a musty smell, mold or mildew growth, and it can even compromise the integrity of structural wooden beams or joints. Take a proactive approach to protecting your home from the inside, out by having your crawl space encapsulated.

Crawl space encapsulation entails our experienced, certified technicians carefully implementing a multi-faceted moisture prevention system. We utilize the highest quality materials, including insulation with an R-value rating higher than that of our local competitors, to ensure a thorough, long-lasting solution. Our technicians meticulously tailor 12 to 20 mil Guardian Tuff-Scrim Poly antimicrobial polyethylene vapor barriers to perfectly fit the layout of your crawl space floor, walls, and piers. The vapor barrier and sill plate are then coated with closed cell spray foam insulation to create a thoroughly sealed containment. Beyond the insulation components of the moisture prevention system is the installation of a ½ horsepower sump pump and Aprilaire 70 or 95 pint per day crawl space dehumidifier to regulate air moisture.

An additional component to crawl space encapsulation that is sometimes necessary is the creation of a perimeter drain, which is designed to gather excess water and direct it to a sump pump for extraction. If your home or property has already fallen victim to the consequences of moisture damage, Indoor Pollution Solutions also offers restoration procedures. Our restoration procedures include insulation removal and water extraction before applying a protective mold resistant coating, and then implementing the multi-faceted moisture prevention system.

We service areas within a 1.5 hour driving distance from our office in Denton, Maryland. Beyond the Eastern Shore of Maryland, we service areas of Delaware.

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